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Jining Organ Trading Co., Ltd.

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Jining Organ Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of garlic, ginger, dried chilli, apple, pear, onion and others in China. We,with independent import and export right, are engaged in processing and exproting fresh, frozen and dehydrated vegetables and fruits. Our company and factories are located in Shandong, China, where is a famous original place of vegetable and fruit planting. Ten years of experience of processing and exporting has been accumulated by Jining Organ Trading Co.,Ltd.We have own processing factory to process peeled garlic. Now we have refined our management of collecting, processing, packing and exporting. We have effective producing and staff management, so we can guarantee customers good quality and timely delivery, the most important is competitive price. Every year we export about 15000 ton garic products and about 5000 ton per kind of other products, including organic products. Organic fresh and dehydrated garlic, organic ginger and organic peanut are also supplied by us. And our farms and factories have been certificated by ECOCERT, NOP and JAS. We do not use any chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticide during the cutivation. So they are all organic, healthy, safety vegetables. Abundant agricultural goods are delivered to various places all over the world for people's health and living.